Social Movement Campaign

Make your move

In 1935, the German designer Hans Schleger reworked Edward Johnston's bull's-eye design into a comprehensive system that has maintained its form - until today, when I took it apart.


Leave a Mark.

When we build new infrastructure, it is connected with campaigns to actually get more people on this new way of thinking, and I believe that each of us and every individual can contribute to making our lives in our cities a little greener by improving alternatives.

The Tube Sans font can be treated as a metaphor for all the processes taking place in the world today. The social movement campaign promotes the most iconic graphic design of London’s transport logo as a form of communication with the community and to encourage everyone to engage with the idea of the movement. Billboards - the symbol of the modern age of consumption - become the object of reflection, thought and a deep insight into ourselves and our surroundings. 


This is not the end.

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